Our NC Lighting Services

We pride ourselves in providing reliable lighting for your office space, warehouse, or your industrial workspace. Contact us today to get started! 
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Outdoor LED Lighting 

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Our Outdoor LED Lighting Solutions can provide Beauty, Character, and Safety for your business or public areas. Our LED lighting options are cost efficient, durable, and long lasting. Call our professionals to discuss which Outdoor LED lighting option would best suit your company's needs. 

Commercial Lighting

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We specialize in all aspects of Commercial Lighting from design through construction as well as retrofit opportunities. Our lighting options for your business are cost and energy efficient as well as long lasting, giving you the most bang for your buck. Our professionals can determine which lighting option will best suit your commercial buildings needs. 

Industrial Lighting 

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Triangle Lighting Solutions has provided lighting solutions for some of the most severe environments such as steel mills, food processing plants, paper mills and even military bases. Our lights provide safety, cost and energy savings, and most importantly, durability in the harshest of environments.